Wellness is a way of living that nurtures your overall well-being to enhance your quality of life. WellWT is West Texas A&M University’s official employee wellness program designed to encourage employees to live healthier lifestyles, to support a healthy workplace, and to create a culture of wellness on campus.

 Email: WellWT@wtamu.edu


 WellWT has a lot of new and exciting things for 2018:

 1. Check out our campus walking map, mapped out with distances to help you reach your walking goals.

 2. Monthly on-campus massage -**FREE FOR FACULTY & STAFF

 3. Free Faculty and Staff Group Activity Classes-  NO advanced signup or VHAC membership needed

   (No Yoga, Tai Chi, and Segway Riding over summer)

 Self-Defense*: (click for important info)

 Mon 3:30-4:30, AC 211 (starts again this July 23,  runs 6 weeks; must attend first session to participate); taught by Tammy  Stamps



 Please let us know if there is anything else you would like to see!


On Campus Services

  1. Wellness Release Time (only for non-faculty)

Procedure Statement

The West Texas A&M University Wellness Release Time program is designed to enhance the well-being of employees.  It is a voluntary program consisting of university-sponsored physical fitness activities and wellness education opportunities during the workday.

The objective of the Wellness Program is to provide a supportive environment that encourages employees to adopt healthy behaviors and positive lifestyle changes, improve job performance, increase work satisfaction, and reduce health care/insurance costs.

Reason for Procedure

This procedure outlines the parameters of the Wellness Release Time program and describes the application and monitoring process.

Procedures and Responsibilities

  1. General

1.1 The Wellness Release Time program provides full-time, benefits-eligible employees 30 minutes during normal work hours up to three (3) times a week of release time for participation in physical exercise and fitness activities at WTAMU. If possible, this time should coordinate with employee's arrival time, lunch time, or end-of-workday.

1.2 Employees participating in the Wellness Release Time program should have had a physician physical within the past 12 months. 

1.3  Wellness Release Time is paid time which does not have to be made up, cannot be accrued, and does not need to be documented on timesheets.

1.4  Each academic year of participation, employees must secure approval from their immediate supervisor and their respective Dean/department head prior to using Wellness Release Time. This form must be completed and sent to Human Resources/ Nancy Hampton nhampton@wtamu.edu every year.

1.5  Immediate supervisors and Deans/department heads are expected to make reasonable efforts to accommodate requests for participation in the Wellness Release Time program.  Participation may be disapproved for cause if the operation of the department will be negatively impacted by the absence.  If an application is denied, the supervisor or Dean/department head must indicate the reason(s) for denial.

1.6  The supervisor is responsible for monitoring compliance with the release time program procedure and may request verification of hours from employee where available. If the approved request results in a modified work schedule, compliance with  Flexible Work Arrangements for Non-Faculty Employees is required.

1.7  Abuse of the privilege to participate in the Wellness Release Time program will subject the employee to revocation of the privilege and/or disciplinary action. 


Off Campus Services

  1. Referral servicing and Mental health counseling: general employee assistance (Deer Oaks EAP Services)- for employees needing to address mental health issues, and general work-life issues, phone counseling is provided by this outsource.

    FREE for employees

    For more information contact: www.deeroaks.com
    (login/password= wtamu)
  2. Naturally Slim weight loss program:

Why Naturally Slim?

Naturally Slim, offered by ACAP Health, in addition to a partnership with BlueCross BlueShield of Texas, is unique in that it submits claims for program participation to our health plan. These claims are coded as preventive obesity counseling and are covered at 100% per ACA guidelines for preventive care. The plan pays only for those classes the member actually completes. In addition to impressive biometric improvements, they also show excellent long-term results (over 77% of participants retain the weight loss).

Who can participate?

Eligible members are employees and retirees covered on the A&M Care, J Plan or 65+ Plan. In the first pilot phase, participation will be limited to the primary policy holder (employee or retiree). After evaluation, we will consider expanding to other eligible dependents.

In order to qualify, a member must have some risk factors related to Metabolic Syndrome. For the purposes of our pilot, this is normally means BMI over 30 or BMI over 25 plus an additional risk factor. This information is collected through a Naturally Slim application process.

How does it work?

After being accepted into the program, participants watch a series of weekly videos through an internet browser instructing them on the Naturally Slim program principles. This includes 10 weekly sessions in the main program, 7 sessions that serve as post-program reinforcement, and 6 additional maintenance sessions. Videos must be watched in order and are available for a limited amount of time.

What’s the implementation plan?

We are rolling this out in groups with four different start dates this coming spring. This is being done to better regulate the numbers in any particular group. While any group will be open to any TAMUS employee/retiree, we will market to particular groups on a rolling basis. Marketing communications will come directly from Naturally Slim.

Tell me more about Naturally Slim.

Short video introducing the newest version of Naturally Slim

WTAMU Dates:

Apply- Jan 15-26, 2018
Enrollment period: March 27- April 7, 2018
Acceptance notification: April 14, 2018
Program starts: April 24, 2018
(Spouses can participate, too, if they are enrolled in the A&M Care plan).

See tamus.myevive.com for more information

  1. 2nd MD- 2nd MD offers direct access to the world’s best doctors via video or phone, delivering expert 2ndopinions within just 3 days. 2nd.MD’s revolutionary services provide members with resources to make better decisions and gain peace of mind. When facing a new diagnosis, possible surgery, or change in medication, access to specialists from top institutions, such as Mayo Clinic, Massachusetts General, and Johns Hopkins, can make a world of difference in discovering the best possible treatment options. 2nd.MD delivers a concierge level of care from expert recommendations, records retrieval and consultation coordination to detailed expert notes and follow-up. 70% of expert second opinions lead to a change in treatment plan, resulting in the cancellation in 1 out of 9 surgical procedures. Who can use this new service?2nd.MD is available to eligible members, including all employees, retirees and their covered dependents enrolled in the A&M Care, J Plan and 65+ Plans.

    Do the A&M Care plans require a second opinion?

    No, the A&M Care plans do not require a second opinion. Use of 2nd MD is completely optional and there is no cost to members.

  2.  - Well on Target- a resource consisting of online tools and information to help you make informed health care decisions. From the Well on Target home page, you can:
    • Take a Health Assessment and receive $50 credit toward your annual deductible
    • Ask a Nurse Trainer, Dietitian, of Life Coach:  Members can interact online with a Blue Care Advisor on non-emergency, health-related questions or send questions about fitness, nutrition, or managing stress
    • Use the Interactive Symptom Checker
    • Explore topics in the Health Information and Care Center
    • Access Member Care Profile
    • Read the latest health news, search for specific health topics or explore the prescription drug index

     See tamus.myevive.com for more information

                            **NEW - Apple Health integration

                                 Members who have an Apple® device can now link Apple Health to the Well onTarget mobile app to  track activity. A one-time pop-up notification of the Apple Health integration appears for members upon logging in to the Well onTarget portal. This feature is also being promoted in the member dashboard announcement section of the Well onTarget member portal. Members can learn how to sync devices, read FAQs and watch a video.

·      Members can connect Apple Health with the AlwaysOn® mobile app and sync new devices including the Apple Watch®, iPhone® 5S or later (those with a built-in pedometer) and Runtastic.

·      The Apple Health app requires iOS 8 or later.

·      Members receive Blue PointsSM for connecting Apple Health. They will earn daily points for tracking activity.

5. Annual Wellness Exams - avoid an addition to health premium cost by getting an annual wellness exam.  The results are protected under federal HIPAA regulations and may help your medical provider in diagnosing and treating health conditions that may become serious or acute if left untreated.

See tamus.myevive.com for more information

6. Blue365®- Blue365® is a discount program included in Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance plans to help medical members live healthier lifestyles. Members can save money on health and wellness products and services that are not usually covered by their medical insurance. In fact, HCSC members saved more than $6.8 million in discount offers in 2015.*

Once a member registers on the Blue365 website, they’ll start receiving weekly “Featured Deals” — offers available for a short period of time.

In addition, Blue365 has a range of ongoing deals from top national and local retailers including:

·      Reebok and SKECHERS®

·      Snap Fitness®

·      Jenny Craig®, Seattle Sutton’s® and Nutrisystem®

·      Davis VisionSM

·      Dental SolutionsSM

·      TruHearing® and BeltoneTM

·      WellnessCodes, which offers a collection of health and wellness products such as fitness devices, healthy mom and baby products, and many more

Members can register and see additional Blue365 discounts by going to their state-specific Blue365 website:


Be sure to also earn shopping reward points for your physical activity by syncing your tracking device to your BCBS WellOnTarget at https://myevive.com/tamus-login. Points redeemable for apple electronics, sporting goods, Fitbits, and more!