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West Texas A&M University is pleased to provide students, faculty, staff and guests wireless access to Internet resources and services, and not be constrained by physical network connectivity.

The wireless network may be accessed by three (3) types of accounts: Guest, Student, and Faculty/Staff each with different levels of access to campus resources, and heightened levels of security.

All users of the university wireless network are acknowledging compliance with the Rules for Responsible Information Technology Usage. There should be no expectation of privacy except as otherwise provided by applicable privacy laws.

A wireless supported device with an IEEE Standard 802.11 g/n/ac wireless card/adaptor with the latest drivers installed.

There are three (3) types of wireless connectivity on campus: Guest, Student and Faculty/Staff. Each provides a different level of security access.

Guest Account

Requires authentication via WT issued Username and Password

Student Account

Requires authentication based on student WT Username and Password, provides encryption of data

Faculty/Staff Account

Requires authentication based on faculty UserID and Password, provides encryption of data

Faculty/Staff with personal laptops or laptops that do not meet the above specifications will still be able to connect to the guest wireless network.

NOTE: All users of the university wireless network are responsible to ensure their connectivity to the network by configuring their own devices by following the provided instructions (Except Faculty/Staff with initial configuration of university owned laptops being performed by the ITSC (Help Desk)). Faculty/Staff please call or email to make an appointment at ext. 4357 or
The ITSC staff is not responsible to configure your devices. They will prompt you to review instructions provided online or that can be found on campus at the designated public areas, and help you understand them.