Five WTAMU Students Selected to Present Research at NCUR

Feb. 14, 2018

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Five WTAMU Students Selected to Present Research at NCUR


CANYON, Texas—Five West Texas A&M University students have been accepted to present their research at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) April 4-7 at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond. They were selected as presenters from more than 4,000 submissions from across the country.

NCUR organizes the annual conference each spring to recognize and celebrate undergraduate research in all academic disciplines at all institutions of higher education. This year’s conference will follow the theme of “Connection to Place” to reflect the connection between universities and the communities they call home. WTAMU’s participation in the 2018 conference is facilitated by WTAMU’s Graduate School and Research.

The five students are listed with their research titles and faculty mentors.

Emily Hurst, a senior mechanical engineering major from San Antonio—Computational Analysis of Transtibial Prosthetic Sockets Fabricated with 3D Printing. Faculty mentor is Dr. Oliver Mulamba, assistant professor of mechanical engineering.

Shelby Phelps, a senior biochemistry major from Amarillo—The Stability of Profiles and Targeting Capabilities of HSPC Peptide Modified Liposomes Designed to Target the A3ß1 Integrin on Metastatic Breast Cancer Cells. Faculty mentors are Dr. David Khan, associate professor of biochemistry, and Dr. Jason Yarbrough, assistant professor of chemistry.

Nicole Belt, a senior sports and exercise sciences major from Pflugerville—Effects of a 4-Week Segway Training Protocol on Ankle Dorsiflexors and Plantaflexors Torque Production. Faculty mentor is Dr. Vanessa Fiaud, assistant professor of sports and exercise sciences.

Jose Navarrete, a junior history major from Odessa—Bilingual Education and Its Spillover Effects in the Rio Grande Valley. Faculty mentor is Dr. Timothy Bowman, associate professor of history.

Joshua Castro, a senior biology major from Lubbock—The Impact of Health Insurance Types on Survival Rates for Pediatric Heart Transplant Patients in the States of Texas and Oklahoma. Faculty Mentor is David Clark, instructor of accounting and health management.


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