WTAMU Faculty Members Spend Summer in China as Teachers

Oct. 4, 2018

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                      Caleb Hubbard, chubbard@wtamu.edu

WTAMU Faculty Members Spend Summer in China as Teachers


CANYON, Texas—West Texas A&M University faculty members, Dr. Nancy Garcia, assistant professor in media communication, and Caleb Hubbard, part-time instructor of communication studies in the Department of Communication, traveled to China this summer to teach Chinese students through the JNC Study Abroad Platform.

Garcia and Hubbard both worked through Seminole State College of Florida to teach a five-week Dr. Nancy Garciaoral communication course—Garcia in Beijing and Hubbard in Shanghai. Students who participated in the JNC program and currently enrolled in English-speaking universities in Canada, England or the United States, have returned to China for the summer, and wished to continue making progress toward their degrees.

Neither Garcia nor Hubbard had been to China previous to their trip. They both were instructors for an oral communication course, similar to the basic speech course offered at WTAMU. The faculty members found that the classes in China were much larger than any classes at WTAMU. Garcia taught classes of 50, and Hubbard’s classes had 30 students. The class size was a challenge for both instructors as WTAMU classes average around 25 students for the basic public speaking course. Instructors were tasked with restructuring lesson plans to adapt to the students’ cultural norms while still meeting the expectations of the JNC program. Instructors taught along with the assistance of teaching assistants, usually two teaching assistants were assigned to each class.

“Since English is not my first language, like many of these students, I was able to give them tipsCaleb Hubbard about how to practice speaking in English,” Garcia said. “I don’t think many other professors were able to provide students with tips as English was their first language.”

JNC has created a unique academic experience for students and instructors.

“The people who worked for JNC were great,” Hubbard said. “My T.A.’s were amazing as well as well as the JNC employees who were very helpful and wanted to make sure we all had a good time in China. JNC planned trips and even assisted in the moving of classrooms when our air conditioning went out.”

Although Garcia and Hubbard‘s focus was on their teaching assignments, they were able to explore their host cities and surrounding areas. Garcia visited the Great Wall, Summer Palace, Olympic stadium and the Forbidden city. Hubbard was able to visit Disneyland Shanghai and a local Vinery, where he was able to cut the ribbon for VIP members.

JNC offers Global Education Exchange Programs at six campuses in China: Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou.  For more information about JNC, visit jncabroad.com, or contact Dr. Nancy Garcia, ngarcia@wtamu.edu or Caleb Hubbard, chubbard@wtamu.edu.


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