Feb. 14, 2018

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WTAMU’s News One Program Being Revamped

CANYON, Texas—The Department of Communication at West Texas A&M University is revamping its weekly television show, News One, to best fit students’ interests.

In previous years students enrolled in the News One course would learn the skills for production, reporting and anchoring throughout the course of the semester.

“Last year was the first year of having online broadcasting, mainly due to the updates in the studio,” Randy Ray, director of broadcasting engineering, said. “It made the program feel more relevant compared to having traditional broadcasting in the previous years.”

This year Ray has designed the program to better fit the students’ interests by having three separate courses students can enroll in for specifically production, reporting and anchoring.

“They are three distinct skills and should have their own course for students to learn about each one. If students get through the course and decide they really want to be in production, they can take it instead” Ray said.

This year, News One students will broadcast three traditional shows and three online shows. Ray and Jackie Kingston from News Channel 4 are instructing the course designed for students interested in becoming news anchors.

“By producing content for an online broadcast, these students are on the cutting edge of where the news industry is heading,” Kingston said. “Keeping viewers’ attention is more challenging than ever in this age of constant information and multiple-screen viewing. This format helps them develop skills they will be using as soon as they step foot into a newsroom.”

Along with Ray and Kingston, Johnny Story, broadcast engineer, is teaching the production course and Dr. Michael McFarland, assistant professor, is teaching students in the News One on air course.

For more information about News One, contact Randy Ray at rray@wtamu.edu.




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